What Kind of Woodworking Best Matches Your Personality?

Zoe Samuel

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After making stone tools and turning animal skins into fabrics, woodworking was one of the first established human crafts to stand the test of time. From building simple shelters to constructing Chippendale end tables, woodworking has solved the needs of humanity, both mundane and complex. Wooden art and furniture pieces have survived centuries of use and abuse. Wooden tools buried in the earth have survived thousands of years. Even wooden structures as old as Woodhenge have left a detectable imprint on history.

Woodworking is as essential to modern industry as it ever was. With applications in many crafts outside woodworking, the craft enables painters to stretch canvases, musicians to play their instruments and for IKEA to mass-manufacture furniture for college students and young professionals the world over.

Furthermore, woodworking is often a skill people learn something about. Some people will take a shop class in high school where they learn how to assemble wooden objects with drills, screws, nails and dovetails. Others might learn something at a summer camp, trade school or DIY course. At some point in life, everyone finds themselves searching the walls of their homes for a stud onto which they can hang something. Woodworking is very much a living part of our lives. So which style best matches your personality?

What kind of TV do you enjoy?

How do you express yourself creatively?

What would be your dream job?

How high do you aim with your life goals?

How do you spend your train commute?

What kind of live entertainment do you like best?

How house proud are you?

How much of a workaholic are you?

How playful are you?

How likely are you to share your feelings with people who aren't your really close friends and family?

How technical is your work?

Do you operate best as part of a team, or on your own?

Which of these competitive sports are you best at?

How much do you procrastinate?

How difficult do you find it is to talk to other people?

How much do you like to read?

Do you enjoy an intellectual challenge?

How important is perfection to you?

How practical are your long-term plans?

How much are you willing to spend extra time on what is otherwise "good enough"?

What style of art do you like the best?

How much time can you spend working at a desk?

How important to you is professional respect?

Would you rather be a jack of all trades or a master of one?

What industry is most similar to yours?

How detail-oriented are you?

How easily can you zoom out to see the big picture of your work, and then get back to the details?

How long was your longest romantic relationship?

How's your relationship with your parents?

Which vacation sounds like the sort of thing you'd be into?

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