Quiz: What Kind of Woman Are You?
What Kind of Woman Are You?
By: Jennifer Post
Image: Thomas Barwick/DigitalVision/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Women are so notoriously underrated in our patriarchal society. But women shine: in politics, in the community, at work and at home. Tell women they can't do something, and they'll show you how well they can do it. 

Whether you are the kind of woman who likes to stand out and show the boys how it's done or the kind of woman who likes to stay at home with your kids and make a nice home, all versions of women are the right version. There is no wrong way to be a woman, and anyone who tells you otherwise is probably just intimidated by your skills. 

Women are often the ones who put bandaids on booboos and don't get sick days when there are kids to take care of. Even without kids, women work twice as hard for half the recognition and appreciation. This makes one wonder, what's it all for? You do it for future generations of women who need to know that they are just as good as anyone else—and they won't be making 2/3 or even 9/10 as much for their work: they'll be truly equal: in the workplace and in society.

It's hard being a woman no matter how old you are, where you live or what you look like. But the good news is you have an automatic support group almost everywhere you go, especially in bar bathrooms. So what kind of woman are you? Take this quiz and find out!

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When it comes to art, whether it's singing, painting, acting, graphic design or something else, who is your artist of choice?

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Which female superhero really speaks to you?

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What's your drink of choice at the bar?

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Which type of activity do you rely on to keep in shape and clear your mind?

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