What Kind of Wine Drunk Are You?

Zoe Samuel

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There are as many ways to respond to being extremely drunk as there are people who get drunk on a given day. Some people are hilarious drunks, who start telling cheeky stories and proving how they're up for anything. 

Others are abrasive drunks, who endanger life and limb and ruin any party they attend. Some people are giggly drunks who just think everything is funny. Some just sit there quietly and mull over the sensations they're feeling, while not really bothering anyone.

What they all share is that there is a point at which the behavior is pretty mild, and a point at which it becomes incapacitating. Sitting quietly is one thing; falling asleep at the table is another. Telling a story is good; revealing your innermost secrets is generally not common practice at a dinner party. 

That's why it's important to know what kind of wine drunk you are, so that you know the likely consequences of failing to limit your intake and can plan accordingly. Perhaps you need to assign a friend to interrupt you, or arrange a cab. Perhaps you need to simply drink less, at least around certain people. Perhaps you're a delightful and harmless drunk and can do whatever pleases you. It's time to find out!

How often do you drink?

Do you always have a designated driver?

How often do you mix wine with other drinks?

How many glasses puts an adult over the legal limit?

Have you ever lost your memory to drunkenness?

Have you ever drunkenly told a secret?

Has nudity ever featured in your drunken escapades?

Do you drink wine on your own?

Why do you drink wine?

What's the longest you've gone without drinking wine, excluding growing up?

Have you ever thrown up from wine?

Can you be comfortable as the only sober person?

Have you ever made a romantic move on someone while drunk?

Do your friends ever encourage you not to drink?

Have you ever hurt yourself while drunk?

Have you ever sent a tipsy message you regretted?

Is there a night in your past of which your extended friend group has tacitly agreed not to speak?

Have you ever really hurt someone's feelings while drunk?

What major life event have you gone through with zero alcohol?

Have you ever intentionally saved space in your diet for wine?

Have you ever done something while drunk that everyone agrees really isn't like you?

Are other people more or less interesting when you're drunk?

Do you find yourself funnier when you're drunk?

How vulnerable are you to hangovers?

How big of a wine snob are you?

The first time you drank wine, did you like it?

What's a good reason to not drink for a while?

How often do you joke about needing a big ol' glass of wine?

Have you ever lost something valuable while drunk?

If you go to a party at someone's home and have some drinks, do you typically expect to get invited back?

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