What Kind of Venomous Snake Are You?

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Slither on up to these questions!

When it comes to deadly animals, there is perhaps no other animal that is both feared and revered as much as the snake! There are harmless snakes out there in the world; however, they are more often than not overshadowed by their more dangerous counterparts. Some have powerful bites that can break bones while others have deadly venom that can kill you from the inside!

It is, however, worth realizing that snakes are not just dangerous killing machines. By studying them over the years, we have found that they are just as complex as any other animal. Cultures from all over the world have respected serpents throughout history, and they have attributed characteristics onto them as well. Some of them are patient hunters, others are cunning planners, and others are solitary dwellers. In this quiz, we're going to take a look at how you answer these questions and see if we can figure out what kind of venomous snake you truly are! So without further ado, let's jump ... or slither our way into this quiz!

Which of these symbols best represents you?

It's classic movie night, what do you choose?

What theme would you like for your next birthday party?

How do you unwind after work?

The creative talent that you are most in tune with is?

Which of these hobbies speaks to you the most?

What is most important to you?

Think about your friend group, what would you say is your primary role?

If one word could describe your wardrobe, which one would it be?

Out of these four games, which one are you best at?

Yesterday when you woke up, which of these was the first thing that you did?

Excluding snakes, which animal speaks to you the most?

What are you drinking on Friday night?

Which of these holidays is the best?

You're not cooking tonight, so what's for dinner?

If only one word could describe you, which would it be?

Its time for your first date with someone, what is your first instinct?

Your preferred space to work in is?

What is a positive thing that people would say about you?

Which of these colors is your favorite?

What is something negative that people say about you?

Romantic relationships are complex, but which of these are the most important parts?

You don't have anything planned for the next hour or two, what do you do?

If you had to get into an event that you weren't invited to, what would you do?

You found out that your partner is cheating but they don't know that you are aware yet, how do you react?

Out of these four locations, which one do you prefer?

What type of weather do you prefer?

The zodiac sign that you are most drawn to is?

Which of these character traits are you most turned off by?

It's your birthday. What present do you want?

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