Quiz: What Kind of Predator Are You When You're Hangry?
What Kind of Predator Are You When You're Hangry?
By: Lauren Lubas
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About This Quiz

If you've ever snapped at someone when you were hungry, you know what it's like to be hangry. If you don't believe that hanger is real, there is scientific proof to back it up. Your body loses nutrients, your blood sugar dips and your brain lacks the glucose it needs to function properly. While some people only get hangry with severe cases of hunger, some people can get hangry between meals. So, which one are you? What type of hangry do you feel? What do you turn into when you're hangry? 

Most people find that they turn into wild animals when hanger strikes, and these animals are usually some kind of predator. When you think about how predators eat, you realize that they all must be hangry in some way or another. 

The eating habits of Earth's predators vary from species to species. Some predators can wait weeks between eating, but if they wait too long, they stop caring what is on the menu. Other predators can't wait more than a few days between feedings, but lucky for them, they have a vast spread available. 

When it comes to your hunger, what kind of predator are you? Answer these questions, and we'll tell you.

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Most days, about how long can you go before you get hungry?

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If you're hungry and it's taking your friends forever to decide what to eat, how do you feel?

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When you're really hungry, how hard is it to figure out what you want to eat?

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How long do you have to be hungry before you get hangry?

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If someone talks about something that isn't food when you're hangry, what do you do?

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When there is no food in sight and you absolutely have to eat, what do you do?

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When your hanger level is at a 4/10, what are you most likely to do?

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When you're hangry, do you often feel like you're going to die?

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If you can't find food you like, will other options suffice to tame your hanger?

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If you had to eat something just to get yourself to the next meal, would you be satisfied?

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As you tame your hanger, do you think about how hangry you were?

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What is the one food you go for when you start getting hungry?

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If you have plans to go out to eat in two hours, but you're hungry now, what do you do?

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What time of day are you most likely to get hangry?

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Which of these is your favorite thing to eat?

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