Quiz: What Kind of Husband Did You Have in a Past Life?
What Kind of Husband Did You Have in a Past Life?
By: Jennifer Post
Image: Chee gin tan/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Husbands come in all shapes and sizes and with all personalities. But just like anything else, husbands—and men in general!—evolve over time. There was a time when men had to court women for months before being able to date them. Even before then, fathers paid the husbands of their daughters a dowry. Times have certainly changed since then, and while some people are more traditional than others, and every culture is different, things have become much simpler. 

No matter what your love life looks like right now, it's fun to think about what your husband would have been like in a past life. Were they the kind to dote on you nonstop? Or maybe they were the more domineering type in the 1950s? Did they forget your anniversary or surprise you with a candlelit dinner? So many questions! 

The energy that you put out can determine what kind of partner you attract. So you can also ask yourself what you would have been like in a past life, and that might give you some insight. While this quiz won't give you all the answers as to your past life, it will be able to tell you what your past husband was like. Take this quiz now!

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What's the best trait a husband could have?

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Do you imagine your past-life husband as someone who took action whenever needed?

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Is there one trait in a man that you can't stand?

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When you were a little girl, what kind of wedding did you imagine?

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Back in your past life, would you have cared if all of your family and friends approve of your husband?

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What is your ideal age to have had this past-life husband?

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