Quiz: What Kind of Heart Do You Have?
What Kind of Heart Do You Have?
By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: Adrienne Bresnahan / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Just like personalities and fingerprints, no two hearts are ever the same. Of course, we are talking about your emotional heart and not the one in your chest. If we were talking about your beating heart, this quiz wouldn't be as much fun! 

As you go through our questions, we are going to ask you to bare your soul with us. While we promise not to get too nosy, we do need to get a few tough answers from you before we can make our final determination. Assuming that you have a good heart like most people, we want to know the way you feel and react to certain situations. It's seeing how you handle things differently than others that will lead us to the type of heart you actually have. 

When we get to the end, you might find that you have a soft heart or a tender heart. Or, you might find out that your heart is made up of something altogether different than that of most people. Either way, we think you'll have a case of the feels before you're done. Will our interpretation of your heart and soul be the same way you see yourself? You'll have to dig deep to find out! 

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By which of these virtues do you try to live?

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Which animal do you think has the best heart?

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How do you feel when you see those tear-jerking animal commercials?

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What kind of heart would your last ex say you have?

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If you were the boss, what would be your leadership style?

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Which of these things could be your true heart's desire?

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In your opinion, which Disney villain secretly has the most heart?

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If you had a wish for the world, what would it be?

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Where would you most like to volunteer?

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