Quiz: What Kind of Ear Piercing Should You Get?
What Kind of Ear Piercing Should You Get?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Gpointstudio/Cultura/Getty Images

About This Quiz

A lot of people get a piercing when they're too young to fully think through exactly what they want. (Indeed, some people get piercings that they couldn't even choose for themselves, as one sees when people pierce the ears of babies and children.) There is certainly an upside to getting this rite of passage out of the way as a young child; you don't remember the pain, you can fit in, and any older relative who doesn't know you very well can always just get you earrings if they're trying to think of a gift.

However, the advantage of waiting a little longer to decide is that you get to really think through how you're going to decorate yourself in this way. Perhaps your hesitation is that your fashion tastes are more conservative, or your relatives or faith tradition frown on piercings. Perhaps you just haven't decided what sort of look you want for yourself, or what sort of space you want to fit seamlessly into. It's a permanent decision, so it's wise to think it through. Take this quiz that will help you identify where to start - at least when it comes to your ears! Let's get started!

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What industry do you work in?
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Is it very hot in your hometown or area?
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How religious are you?
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Do you get a lot of infections?
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What instrument do you play?
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Do you have any piercings elsewhere?
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What fabric is the most represented in your wardrobe?
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Do you wear a lot of hats (literal ones, not figurative ones)?
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What color do you think looks best on you?
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How are your fine motor skills?
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How do you feel about Marilyn Monroe's famous quote, "I always like to find new places to wear diamonds"?
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Do you share your home with a baby, cat or dog?
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Do you go to a lot of fancy parties?
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Do you stand to inherit anything from any very old, very conservative relatives, who might be offended if they thought you were living an alternative lifestyle?
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