Quiz: What Kind of Dog Parent Are You?
What Kind of Dog Parent Are You?
By: Khadija Leon
Image: Layland Masuda/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

The term 'pet parent' or 'pet guardian' is used to refer to a person who owns and cares for a dog in some of the same ways that people care for human children. When it comes to animals, there is no rulebook or guide to being the perfect pet parent, and many people have to learn as they go along as each dog has its own special requirements.

Just as we humans are parents to our very own children, some of us are also parents to our own pets. We care for them by feeding them, bathing them, taking them to places that they like, as well as taking them to the vet. There are several different kinds of parents, the most common of which are helicopter parents, the soccer moms and dads, the chill parents who are more like a friend, and the parents who spoil their children.

Do you know what kind of dog parent you are? Are you the type of parent who spoils their pooch, or are you the type that can be found chilling on the couch with your pup? Well, if you are just as curious as we are, you can find out by taking this quiz!

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