What Kind of Battle Buddy Are You?

Brian Whitney

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About This Quiz

A battle buddy is a soldier that is assigned to another soldier in the United States Army. The buddy is there to assist his partner, not just when they're in combat, but outside of it as well. While the battle buddy is there to be a companion to the other soldier, they also help them through tough times that they're experiencing, because let's face it, being in the Army is not easy. Buddies keep each other informed about important stuff, and the system of having a buddy helps to keep morale up, decreases stresses, helps with transitions to the military lifestyle and helps soldiers gain leadership skills. 

But what kind of battle buddy would you be? While being fun to hang out with is a big plus, a good battle buddy needs to be a lot more than that. He or she needs to be loyal, and they need to be understanding and courageous, They need to be a shoulder to cry on when their buddy is sad and a shoulder to lean on when their buddy is feeling weak. All battle buddies are good, but every one of them is different. What kind of battle buddy would you be? Take this quiz to find out.

What would your top secret superpower be?

Wear would you buy clothes for work?

Would you want to make a career out of the Army?

Are you a hugger?

Of the following options, which would you least like to do?

What job on this list would you be awful at?

Which of the following options is most important in your life?

Are you good at keeping secrets from people?

How many jobs have you quit over your life?

What would you do if your cat was stuck up a tree?

Would you make a good standup comedian?

Which show would you watch if you were sick?

Would you want to see combat if you joined the Army?

Which kind of person bugs you the most?

What is your favorite kind of party to go to?

What do you do on an average Saturday morning?

How many hearts have you broken in your life?

Do you get along with most of your coworkers?

What is the biggest number of people you've supervised?

How important is money to you?

If you could go for free, which of these cities would you most like to visit?

What was your biggest weakness in school?

What sport on this list is the most fun for you to play?

Your friend just got dumped, how do you help them?

When you shop, what do you buy the most of?

What would you be doing at the beach?

How would you meet someone to date?

What movie would you want to watch with your battle buddy?

Do you like dogs?

Which of the following artistic things would you be most likely to succeed at?

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