What Kind of Ancient Magic Are You?

Zoe Samuel

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Magic is as ancient as language, perhaps even older. Magic took many forms, as it evolved within the countless cultures of the world. In some places, magic isn't considered unusual in any way. In others, magic is considered taboo. In still other cultures, magic occupies a specialized, honored place at the center of culture. In Europe, witches were consulted, then excommunicated, then hunted into extinction. In Africa, magic is often seen in aspects of everyday life.

Regardless of cultural origins, the earliest forms of magic took specific shapes. Some magicians were concerned primarily with seeing into the future, or rallying the troops, or conjuring spirits for one reason or another. These needs lead to specific methods, schools of thought, uniform practices, and eventually, styles of magic. Oneiromancy. Pyromancy. Telepathy. Ancient magic isn't "Western" or "Eastern", indigenous or colonial. Ancient magic was an expression of memes in the original sense of the word: common ideas that exist without specific form, traveling the world in an ecosystem of thought.

Which style of ancient magic would speak to you? Which would you practice? Which style of ancient magic lives in your very soul as you read this? Don't fret. We can sort you out. Just take this quiz and you'll know what kind of ancient magic you are!

What life event caused you to get the most obsessed?

What do you like to do on vacation?

What do you look for in a new car?

What causes most of your setbacks?

What is key to your successes?

What do you know best?

What uncomfortable subject is your unusual forte?

What metal would you prefer in your personal affects?

What unusual physical site would you be most likely to randomly visit?

How do you cope with unexpected change?

What sort of job do you have?

What do you like to do in your free time?

What physical object do you covet the most?

What would you never want to have in your possession?

How likely are you to go the extra mile that others recoil at the suggestion of?

How broad-gauged are your interests?

If you had powers, what would be their purpose?

Do you think power rests in places, people, or things?

What manner of "performance" magic do you like best?

How frightening do you find magic?

How extremely have you modified your body?

Who have you scared?

Who wants to destroy you?

How difficult are you to tame?

How religiously observant are you?

How dangerous are you?

How big are you on ritual?

What do you anthropomorphize - or talk to as if it were living?

What do you like to use to decorate your house?

How in control of your life are you?

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