What Kind of Natural Beauty Are You?

Zoe Samuel

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Society, culture, media, a mean aunt, the school bullies - call it whatever you like, but you know there is a force out there that wants us all to conform to a very narrow and actually physically impossible version of beauty: plastic skin with no blemishes or even pores; dimensions that you can only get through surgery or spending literally all day on it; hair that is never out of place and shines with health even though it has been dyed and styled half to death on a daily basis; eyes that are cartoonishly large; teeth that are no color ever to be found in nature, and so on.

To that force, this quiz says: bog off, and stay gone! We know that there are many kinds of beauty. There are larger and smaller bodies, rounder and squarer bodies, stronger and frailer bodies. There are bodies that can punch holes in walls and bodies that most of us could carry without breaking a sweat. There is hair that is gloriously curly and uncontrollable, and hair that is naturally stick-straight. There are eyes in all shapes, colors, and sizes. All of these things are naturally beautiful. With which of them are you blessed? Let's find out!

Do you ever wear makeup?

How tall are you?

How much space do you take up in a room?

Can you bench more than your own weight?

Do you dye your hair?

How long does your skincare regime take?

Do people ever barge you because they didn't see you?

Do you feel like a fraud when you dress up very smartly?

Are you afraid to stand out?

How much does modern culture validate that your look is "right"?

What did bullies call you?

What do you like best about how you look?

What feature do people compliment the most?

What sort of workout do you do?

Do you find that what you eat affects how you look very quickly, or is it a fairly incremental effect?

What role model is there for your body type on TV?

What do you know is wonderful about your body, that "society" wrongly believes is not wonderful?

What superpower would people not expect you to have?

What superpower do you wish you could have?

Do people look at you and decide not to mess with you?

What job do people assume you have?

What job do you actually have?

What's the most important factor for you in buying a shirt?

Do you spend a lot on yourself?

Do people generally assume you are a parent?

Do you like being in large crowds?

Do you ever get called "spunky" or "feisty"?

Do you have to use techniques to be heard, like breath control?

How often do people tell you they're surprised by some facet of your personality?

Are people ever scared of you who haven't even spoken to you?

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