What kind of horror movie are you?

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Aaaaaaah! Don't you just love a movie that makes you scream? Well, you must be if you're here for this quiz right now. Horror movies have come a long way, evolving in a way that allows them to have a better screenplay, more interesting characters, and bigger budgets. This genre has grown so much that there are now different types of horror movies. So if you were one, which would it be?

The goal of horror movies is to get a response from us. Whether it be elevated heart rates or nervous laughter, a good horror movie is meant to scare you. Of course, horror existed in literature long before it appeared on the big screen around 1890. As this film type grew, it spawned many subgenres that include slasher horror, psychological horror, gothic horror, and disaster horror. 

The creatures and elements we saw in the movies also grew from the average zombie, vampire, and werewolf to include demons, ghosts, psychopaths, natural and man-made disasters and cannibals. If you're a big fan on this kind of film and you love a movie that stops your heart and gets it going again, take this quiz to find out just what kind of horror movie you are! 

How old are you?

What do you sleep in?

Are you easily scared?

What horror movie cliche do you hate the most?

What scares you most?

How would you least like to die?

Would you turn off the lights and look in a mirror at night.

If you were in a horror movie, what weapon would you carry?

What room do you wish people would stop walking in during a horror movie?

How many horror movies do you watch in a year?

What was the last kind of horror movie you watched?

What character would you be in a horror movie?

Who would be the first person to die in your movie?

Where would you most like to spend the night?

What kind of movies, other than horror do you like to watch?

Do you believe in ghosts?

What monster do you believe has the best chance to exist?

How do you respond if someone scares you bad?

Where is the worst place to hide during a home invasion?

How would you defend yourself if attacked?

Who makes the best horror movie hero?

How many people should die in a horror movie?

Who is your favorite horror movie character?

When does a horror movie scare you most?

What is the best horror movie reaction you've seen in the theater?

A horror movie is great when...

What other forms of entertainment do you do besides watch horror movies?

Do you think horror movies should have a lot of blood?

Do you talk during a horror movie?

If you were a monster, what would you be?

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