What Kind of Father Will You Be?

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One of the things that everyone in this world has in common is that we all have fathers, but just none of them are exactly alike. Still, different dads tend to have things in common. Some of our dads are the best friend type, always hanging out and telling jokes and not being much or a disciplinarian. Other dads are the exact opposite, total tough guys, always telling us exactly how things are going to be and how we are supposed to behave, but only because they love us. Then there is the hovering kind of dad, the type that is always worried that something is going to go wrong and does his best to shelter you from it. Then there is the guy that is all man. He is either off to play golf, watching football, building something in his workshop, or going fishing. Then there is the type of dad that is the provider, spending all his time at work to make money for his family. 

All of these types of dads are cool, in fact, the only requirement to be a good father is that you put in the time and have a good heart, and we know you have those two things down. What kind of father would you be? Take this quiz to find out.

How often do you swear?

Are you religious?

Do you get along well with your father?

What would you do if you your child wanted to be an actor?

How into sports are you?

Would you play a lot with your kids?

Would you let your teenager drink at home if you supervised it?

How much money do you save?

Do you smoke cigarettes?

How often do you drink?

How upset would you be if you found out your child was smoking marijuana?

Do you travel a lot for your job?

Are you good at building things?

Do you like to work on cars?

How often do you go out partying?

Have you ever cheated on your significant other?

How many kids do you want?

Would you ever buy your kid a car?

What would you want your kids college major to be?

Do you like to clean a lot?

Would you ever read a parenting book?

What kind of babysitter would you hire?

Would you ever do co-sleeping?

Would you make a good single dad?

Would you be good at changing diapers?

How often would you post your pictures of your kids on social media?

Pick a name if you had a boy.

How much would you spend on Christmas presents?

How many parties would you throw at home?

How do your friends describe you?

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