What Kind of Engine Should You Build?

Mark Lichtenstein

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About This Quiz

A mechanical project can be both educational and useful. Knowing how a machine works means knowing how it should be used, maintained, and when it breaks, how it should be fixed. It's informative! It's fun! So which engine should you build?

How conventional are you?

What is your aesthetic priority?

Do you believe in reinventing the wheel?

How traditional are you?

How concerned about the environment are you?

How nostalgic are you?

How computer literate are you?

What would you like your engine to power?

Do you mind having to do constant maintenance once you've built something?

Do you fancy yourself a badass?

How much do you respect the old ways?

What kind of ride do you dream of owning?

What matters most to you, simplicity of design, or dynamic ability?

Do you have a lot of space to work in?

Do you want a project you'll have to handle on your own?

Does it need to be easy to source parts?

Are you planning an engine swap?

What kind of sound do you like an engine to make?

Do you think an engine can be art?

Is newer better?

What kind of car do you think is the coolest?

Who would you share this project with once it is done?

Is this something you could put on your resume?

What industry are you a part of?

How old are you?

How much time do you have to put into this per week?

How long do you mind this project taking?

How dexterous are you?

If your car broke down in the pouring rain, what would you do?

Which country turned out the best cars?

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