Quiz: What Kind of Bird Reflects Your Soul?
What Kind of Bird Reflects Your Soul?
By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Spread your wings and fly through this quiz with us! The way you describe your personality, your likes and your dislikes, and the goals you've set for yourself will let us take a peek inside your soul. After we know the things that get your inner rooster crowing, we'll be able to accurately pair you with the bird your soul is most like. 

From parakeets to turkey vultures, there are over 10,000 different species of birds in the world. While we will not need to ask you 10,000 questions to find out your soul bird, we will need to ask a few. By getting to know what makes you get your feathers all ruffled and how you prefer to nest, we are sure to find the bird that sings from your inside out.

Some people think of themselves as wise owls, and others will always be spring chickens. You could already have a bird in mind that you think fits you perfectly, but we think you should know beyond a doubt whether or not you are right. Take a moment to ponder each of our questions, and we'll match you up with the bird that reflects your soul the best!

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What is your most dominant trait?

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What sort of soul would your best friend say you have?

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What is your strongest sense?

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Which famous bird do you like most?

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Which word do you find most soothing?

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What's your favorite way to eat an egg?

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If you were a bird, where would you prefer to live?

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What ruffles your feathers the most?

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Which bird do you think is most beautiful?

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If you were a bird, which snack would you prefer?

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Which bird is the ugliest to you?

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Which word would best sum up your nest?

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Which bird do you prefer to eat?

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Who is the wind beneath your wings?

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Which bird are you most afraid of?

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