What Is Your Soul Made Of?

Zoe Samuel

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The idea of "the soul" is a very old one. An early part of human spirituality common to all faiths, the soul is the culmination of all the non-physical things that make up a human being. We all have souls, according to the belief, and each soul is different from all others. Some religions have scripture stating that, upon entering the afterlife, the soul is weighed or measured in order to determine one's place in the hereafter.

A common practice is to talk about souls in terms of what they are made of. When we speak of someone having a spine of steel or a heart of gold, are we talking about their bodies, or are we talking about some part of their personality? Are we really just describing a part of the soul as it is expressed in some outer manifestation of personality or choices? While no one is completely made of a single thing, as no single quality could ever truly define the totality of one's self, referring to the makeup of a person's soul as being of one substance or another is an interesting practice and makes a lot of sense. After all, some people are guided more by a moral compass than anything else, or a will to win, or some other motive. 

Take this quiz and we will tease out who you are and tell you what your soul is made of!

How important to you is the approval of strangers?

How do major elections make you feel?

What would you do if your best friend confessed a terrible transgression against you?

How do you feel in the run-up to finding out what your holiday bonus will be?

What is your attitude toward karma?

How do you approach breaking disappointing news to subordinates in the workplace?

How do you react to sudden, unexpected emergencies?

What is your attitude toward privacy?

How do you want your friends to see you?

What would you do with the money acquired via a lottery win?

Which of these people would you look up to most?

When do you most commonly feel fear?

How long do you take to make major household decisions?

To whom do you turn for career advice?

How do you deal with impossible decisions where there is no good outcome?

How would you act if a client refused to pay you what was agreed on, after the job was done?

What would it take for you to call out your own parents in front of others?

How do you respond to phone calls from charities asking for money?

What do you do when a stranger asks you for directions?

For which of these jobs do you think you would be best suited?

How do you keep track of your feelings over time?

Which of these elements of life is most important to you?

How do you mark your achievements?

Which of these bad habits do you view as a personality flaw?

Which of these careers do you think is the most respectable?

What would you do if you were lost in the desert with only some basic tools and no map?

How do you usually bond with friends?

How well do you think you understand how others see you?

Which activity would you find the most relaxing?

How often do you find yourself paralyzed with anxiety?

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