What Is Your Sixth Sense?

Mark Lichtenstein

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Some people just know when something is about to happen. Others have a sense that something just has to someone that they hold dear. Some individuals are capable of looking around a room and finding that lost wallet or glasses that you were sure was lost forever. These count as sixth senses. Which is yours?

Have you ever drunk dialed someone you shouldn't?

What's your Netflix queue like?

What area do your friends say you're an expert in?

Did you ever get away with being naughty in elementary school?

How good of a liar are you?

How thrifty are you?

Is your Spidey sense working?

Do you love to drink?

Do you know how to make the most of the things that you buy?

Are you a natural leader?

Are you resourceful?

How good is your memory?

Are you good at lateral thinking?

Are you aware of how much is in your bank account?

How do you watch TV these days?

What's the best thing in your closet?

What sort of trouble is your friend in when they come to you for help?

What problem would a friend NOT likely to call you for help with?

Do you know your town or city like the back of your hand?

Do you know a good deal when you see it?

Do you like to be around other people when you use your power?

Do you want the world to know your sixth sense?

Have you ever made money from your sixth sense?

Has your sixth sense ever cost you anything?

Do people admire your sixth sense or dislike it?

Are you the most fun person in your friend group?

Is your sixth sense the sort of power that would have been helpful any time during history, or is it very modern?

Does your sixth sense work across different cultures?

Is your sixth sense something you can work on improving, or did it just sort of emerge naturally?

Of your five regular senses, which one does your sixth sense work best with?

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