Quiz: What Is Your Sixth Sense?
What Is Your Sixth Sense?
By: Mark Lichtenstein
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Some people just know when something is about to happen. Others have a sense that something just has to someone that they hold dear. Some individuals are capable of looking around a room and finding that lost wallet or glasses that you were sure was lost forever. These count as sixth senses. Which is yours?

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What problem would a friend NOT likely to call you for help with?

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Do you know your town or city like the back of your hand?

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Do you know a good deal when you see it?

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Do you like to be around other people when you use your power?

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Is your sixth sense the sort of power that would have been helpful any time during history, or is it very modern?

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Is your sixth sense something you can work on improving, or did it just sort of emerge naturally?

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Of your five regular senses, which one does your sixth sense work best with?

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