What Is Your Scottish Highlands Job?

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The Scottish Highlands land mass formed adjacent to the Adirondack Mountains millions of years ago, splitting apart due to plate tectonics, and today separated by the Atlantic Ocean. The Highlands have always been a forbidding landscape. The Romans sent scouts into Scotland and decided that its conquest would be too costly and too difficult, choosing instead to put up a wall and call it a day. Relations with England have been colorful throughout the middle ages, with English armies occasionally repelled by the Scots because, primarily, of the Scots' excellent knowledge of the landscape.

The Highlands were the birthplace of Sir James Swinburne, also known as the "father of British plastics," actress Karen Gillan, and King Macbeth of Scotland (1034-1040), who was Scotland's last fully Celtic monarch. Almost every movie filmed in Scotland makes use of the landscape and castles of the Highlands. From the aptly named "Highlander" to "Harry Potter," the world is familiar with the dramatic geography of the Highlands.

But what about daily life there? With unique industries, unusual seasonal requirements and proud traditions that demand the continuity of certain professions, life in the Scottish Highlands involves some very interesting and unusual jobs. Answer the questions, and we will match you with your Scottish Highlander profession!

How much time do you want to be out of doors every day?

How do you feel about hunting (or shooting, as the locals call it)?

Who is your best friend at work?

If you wanted a new dog, how would you get one?

What do you want to wear to work?

How important is technology in your life?

Do you know the history of the Highlands?

Which clan are you?

Can you speak in a really thick Highland accent?

Which river would you like to fish?

How will you get around during a day in the Highlands?

If you ever go on vacation from the Highlands, where will you go?

How do you feel about the A9, the only major road across the Cairngorms National Park?

Without saying whether it's a good or a bad thing, what's your view on whether Scottish independence will happen in the next 50 years?

What will be the mainstay of Scotland's future economy?

How do you feel about the right to roam law, that allows hikers to cross privately owned land in the Highlands?

Are the big landlords like the Duke of Atholl good for the land, or not?

At the Highland Games, in what sport will you compete?

At what age did you get your first kilt?

How much money do you want to make?

Do you plan to follow in your parents' footsteps?

How much of a loner are you?

Which loch is the best for swimming?

What do you think "Meall Chuaich" might be?

The Monroes are all Scottish mountains over 3,000 feet. How many have you climbed?

It's raining. Will this in any way affect your plans?

How do you feel about tourists coming to the Highlands?

How much Scottish blood do you have, as far as you know?

As the climate warms, the Highlands are already visibly changing. Which change do you notice the most?

You're on the corries when a whiteout comes in. You see a bothy (gamekeeper's hut where hikers in this position are permitted to shelter), but it's locked. What do you do?

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