What Is Your Navy Nickname?

Zoe Samuel

Image: By U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Kenneth G. Takada, via Wikimedia Commons

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The Navy is full of opportunities. It's not just about square-jawed hero types bashing the heck out of baddies. It's about support staff, engineers, the marching band, the cooks in the galley who keep everyone fed, and the doctors in the medical bay who patch up the injured. It's about military intelligence and codebreakers and scouts and submariners and pilots.

What you do in the Navy and how you do it will depend on your skills and your personality, as well as where you end up deployed and what sort of missions you encounter. You might have a chance to be a hero early on, or you might toil away in relative obscurity for years. You might spend a lot of time overseas or on the water, or almost none. 

The performance you turn in will combine with your personal physique, name, and background to give your comrades in arms everything they need to provide you with a nickname that perfectly sums you up. They'll do it with a little bit of joshing, a lot of affection, and some cod psychology that will often be at least as accurate as anything you'd get from a therapy session.

What is your Navy nickname? Let's find out!

Have you ever ended someone with your own hands?

Are you the arty one in your unit?

Do others look up to you?

Do you have kids back home?

Are you a gentle soul despite your line of work?

Do you ever go outside the rules?

Are you a good swimmer?

Do you plan to go career?

Are you handy?

Would you ever make anyone do something you wouldn't do yourself?

Do you always lead the charge?

Do you like getting medals?

How big are you compared to the average in your unit?

Have you ever stopped in-unit bullying?

Do you have any field medical skills?

How do you spend your downtime?

Are you the joker in the mess?

How many generations of military are in your family?

How much do you love being in the military?

Did you immediately get on with other folks in the unit?

Do you like your nickname?

Do you get homesick?

Will you eat just about anything when you're deployed?

Do you think you're good for unit morale?

How annoying do you find most war movies?

Where did you graduate in your class?

Do you study military history for fun?

Does your nickname scare the folks back home?

Which battle do you wish you'd fought in?

Do you prefer a support role?

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