Quiz: What Is Your Kryptonite?
What Is Your Kryptonite?
By: Mark Lichtenstein
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Whether you read about it in the comics or watched it on the big screen, audiences around the world were shocked when they found out that the Man of Steel could be brought down to mortality with just a fraction of an emerald green substance called Kryptonite. The material has plagued the world's greatest hero throughout his long-standing career which started in June of 1938. 

But, if you think about it, we all have our own kryptonite; it just might take someone like you a bit of time to realize what your kryptonite is. Do you go bonkers when you see a little puppy wandering around the neighborhood? Does it send you into parental instincts to protect - and of course, play with it? What are you willing to give up for that puppy? Food, money, a new place to live... would you call in sick or possibly lose your job just to be around that puppy? If any of those are plausible, then you might just have found your kryptonite!

Whether you can't help but buy the most expensive clothing, insist on having the latest gadgets, or even are compulsory about the decadence of the food you eat, everyone has their own kryptonite. And this quiz is going to help you figure it out. You will find questions about your lifestyle, your loves, your passions, and interests. But, most of all, you will find out that one thing in your life you need to proceed with caution.

So, put that ego aside and take this quiz. You might learn what will make you mortal.

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How much time do you spend reading about devices that have not come out yet?

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How old is the oldest gadget you own?

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How many courses is dinner, usually?

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Do you ever lovingly pat your loved one on the head?

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Do you own a hat that is worth as much as a laptop?

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Do you own any period clothing you intend to wear on occasions other than Halloween?

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How quickly do you discard your old, beloved devices in favor of their newer counterparts?

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Do you ever look at real estate, fantasizing about what you could use rooms for?

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