What Is Your Heart’s Age?

Talin Vartanian

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The age of someone's heart may not necessarily reflect their actual age. For example, have you ever heard of the phrases, "young at heart" or "having an old soul?" These refer to people who may be playful and free-spirited or those who are more wise and easygoing. The heart's age depends on several factors, some of which include hobbies, perspectives on life and social skills. Another crucial aspect would be how someone handles stress or "lemons" that life throws at them. We all face hardships in life, but how you react to these types of situations may reveal how soft or resilient your heart actually is.

Your type of intelligence may also play a role in your heart's age. For example, someone who sees the world in a visual or imaginative type of way may be younger, while someone who thinks and behaves in a logical way may be slightly older. There is also the intrapersonal type of intelligence, which has to do with being aware of your life purpose. This is more prevalent in those who are older, while younger people tend to be more interpersonal. So if you're curious about how old your heart is, take our lifestyle personality quiz now!

Which of these TV shows would you like to watch on a Friday night?

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being "very excited"), how enthusiastic would you be about pulling an all-nighter?

When the clock strikes _________, that means that it's bed time for you.

What comes to mind when you see the following emoji: 😍

What's your beverage of choice during the early morning hours?

Are you the type of person who cares about their health?

Which of these singers or bands would you like to listen to on a road trip?

Where would you like to retire after many years of working?

Which of the following is the most valuable to you in your life?

Do you prefer to spend your time alone or surrounded by people?

How important are fashionable or technological trends to you?

What describes your attitude toward your current job?

Would you describe yourself as a spiritual type of person?

Is it more fun to spend your time being outdoors or indoors?

Are you someone who likes to watch the news in the morning?

How many books do you tend to read per month?

Which room in your home do you tend to spend the most time in?

Are you friends with any of your neighbors?

Is it more important to have knowledge or wisdom in life?

What describes the pace of your current lifestyle?

Do you believe that a career should be pursued because of money or interest?

How would you feel about getting a tattoo of a bird on your arm?

Which of these hobbies or activities would you like to do on your next day off?

Do you currently have any grudges against your enemies?

Would you describe your views on life as more optimistic or pessimistic?

How easily do you become irritated or angry with other people in your life?

Is it more fun to eat out at a restaurant or cook a meal at home?

Where can someone find you during the annual Black Friday event?

Should we use the word "adventurous" to describe your eating habits?

Do certain brands of food matter to you when you go out grocery shopping?

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