What Is Your Diet Downfall?

Zoe Samuel

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Going on a diet can be a challenge for anyone, but one way to increase the odds of success is to identify your particular weaknesses. If you know your diet downfall, you can more easily avoid it.

Do you ever go to a grocery store hungry?

What's for dinner?

Do your parents have a good handle on their own diets?

Do you feel like you fail all the time because no diet can really be kept?

Are you hungry right now?

Are you sure you're not just thirsty?

What is a balanced meal?

What is for dinner next Monday?

What has more calories: a pound of carrots or a pound of lettuce?

Do you ever touch the food on anyone else's plate?

Would you describe your diet goals as ambitious?

Do your friends support your goals?

Do you compare yourself to images in the media?

Do you ever eat because you're bored?

What's in the fridge?

Do you drink full sugar soda?

Do you drink alcohol?

How long does it take to burn off a large dirty martini?

Do you consider yourself organized?

Are you afraid of the long haul?

Do you like to win at everything, including dieting?

Do you have any food on your person right now?

How about in your purse on a normal day?

Other than when you are planning, making, or eating your meals, do you think about food much?

Do you buy clothes that are too small hoping you'll diet into them?

Have you ever skipped a meal to lose weight?

Have you ever gone on a diet and not told anyone for fear of what they might say?

Do you ever eat to cheer yourself up?

Do you have kind people around you?

Be honest: if you were telling the truth every time you said you've lost five pounds, in what year would you have disappeared entirely?

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