What Is Your Color Personality?

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What is color? Color is essentially perceived by our retinas, based on the quality and amount of light that's reflected from any surface. That's the science, but most of us take color for granted in the world around us. However, colors do affect our moods. Not only do colors trigger psychological responses in a person, but they can also be used to describe certain people. The color that represents your personality isn't always the one which is your favorite or the one you wear most often, but in some cases, it is the color that excites you most.

Colors are perceived differently by different people - not only the shade or the hue, but also the interpretation. Despite that, each color has its own set of traits that most of us agree about. For example, red represents passion, orange represents sociability, yellow represents cheerfulness and green represents growth. 

Would you like to find out which of the colors of the rainbow best reflects your personality? Well, if your answer is "yes," then all you have to do is answer the questions in this quiz. When you are done, we'll tell you which color best represents you, and we'll also tell you the reasons why.

Are you more of a leader or a follower?

Is it easy for you to make friends?

Are you a spiritual person?

Which of these elements would you like to control?

Of the seven deadly sins, which one do you struggle with?

What is your guilty pleasure?

After a long day, what do you like to do?

Where in your home do you spend most of your time?

How would you describe your decor style?

If you were to pick up a hobby, which would it be?

Are you usually late or early?

What time of year are you the happiest?

What does your happy ending include?

Which high school group did you fall into?

When people ask for favors, how do you respond?

What do you do when your co-workers annoy you?

If you could only have one of these desserts for the rest​ of your life, which would it be?

What kind of bag brings out your personality?

This year for Halloween, you are going to dress up as ___________.

Which holiday are you most excited for?

Which accessory couldn't you go a day without?

If you were given the opportunity to visit one of these countries​, which would you choose?

Which of these shows do you watch regularly?

Some movies have colors in their titles. Which of these would you like to see?

What 2018 song was your theme song?

You overheard a friend saying some rude things about you soon after you left the room. What do you do when you go back?

You are given a huge assignment that is due in two weeks. How soon do you start it?

What do you do when you are stuck in traffic?

Your parents call you to say that they are two hours away from your house or apartment. What do you do?

What is the first thing that you would do if you won the lottery?

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