What Is Your Brain Good At?

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While memory and deductive reasoning skills are great, there is more to a brilliant mind than just these aspects. Let's find out just what kind of genius you are.

How good are you at remembering people's names?

How often do you make a pros and cons list when making a difficult decision?

Would you consider yourself to be an artist?

How well are you able to put yourself in another person's shoes?

How big is your circle of friends?

Do you thrive in more of a structured or free-form environment?

How appealing is the game of chess to you?

When was the last time you arrived at a place and you couldn't remember why you were going there?

How regularly do you lose important items like your wallet and keys?

Do people tend to describe your personality as warm or cold?

How much of an "outside the box" thinker are you?

How sensitive are you to other people's emotional state?

How appealing is a career in teaching, counseling, or healing to you?

How likely are you to come up with a new and innovative idea?

Would you consider yourself more rational or more driven by your gut feelings?

Can you accurately state your driver's license number off the top of your head?

When you watch a movie you haven't seen in a while, how much does it feel like you've never seen it?

How good are you at making rational decisions?

Do you prefer working independently or as part of a team?

Are you more interested in solving a problem or helping those experiencing a problem?

What is your usual reaction to seeing human suffering?

How appealing is the subject of math to you?

How regularly do people complain that your comments are insensitive?

How often do you forget important meetings you have scheduled?

How lost would you be without a planner?

How satisfying is reaching a logical conclusion to you?

How drawn to innovation and new ideas are you?

How likely are friends to come to you for emotional support in difficult times?

Which career path fits your personality the best?

What was the first question of this quiz?

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