What Is Your Army Nickname?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

This quiz won't be as tough as Ranger training, but we will put you to the test. Knowing exactly how Army strong you are will help us to figure out your perfect Army nickname! Whether you have served, you've been considering it, or you've simply just wondered, learning your nickname is right around the corner. 

As we strategize our way through this Army nickname quiz, you'll need to use your precision thinking. We will ask you a question, and we will present you with four possible responses. Your mission is to choose the response you feel sums you up best or seems closest to the way you think. 

In some ways, nicknames say a lot more about us than the names our parents put on our birth certificates because they say something about us. Having an Army nickname is even more special. An Army nickname will tell your peers what to expect from your personality and from your military performance. 

Put your lingering questions to rest, and find out what your Army family would have called you. No matter what nickname you get, you can be sure it will sum you up perfectly. What will it be? Use your left, left, left, right, left, and we'll find out! 

How physically fit are you?

Which branch of the military is the toughest?

Which of your personality traits is most dominant?

Which MRE would you have for lunch?

What do you like most about your job?

Are you an early riser?

Which U.S. president is your favorite?

Could you drop and do 50 pushups?

How are your marksmanship skills?

Which apex predator do you admire most?

Which famous veteran do you know the most about?

Which job would you like to try for a week?

How would you describe your level of patriotism?

Are you tech savvy?

Are you a better leader or a better follower?

Can you sing the national anthem?

Which military vehicle would you most like to drive?

Do you prefer football or soccer?

What was your favorite game to play as a child?

Are you mechanically inclined?

How often do you make your bed?

How would you describe your driving?

Which term of endearment do you prefer to be called?

Which military-themed film do you like most?

Would you consider yourself a people person?

How do you communicate with others most often?

How would you build a fire without matches?

Do you enjoy going camping?

Which outdoor activity do you like most?

What are you found doing at parties?

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