Quiz: What Is Your Strongest Mental Ability?
What Is Your Strongest Mental Ability?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Steve Debenport / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

While many animals evolved peculiar traits, like being able to see in infrared or growing claws to scamper up trees, humans grew massive, complex brains. The human brain is such a peculiar thing that in order for a mother to give birth, and unlike most mammals, humans are born in a slightly premature state, unable to take care of ourselves or even walk as most other mammals can. As a result, however, humans develop the most potent weapon in the Earthly food chain arsenal: the human mind.

With our minds, we spread to every corner of the globe. We invented machines that fly. We conceived not only of civilization, but also of many forms of government. Depending on who you ask, we invented dozens of religions. Humans set ourselves apart from the rest of the animal kingdom with a single physical adaptation, but that single adaptation opened the door to a cornucopia of abilities.

So, human: where do your strengths lie? Have you ever soberly considered them? In this quiz, we will parse out your achievements, interests, tastes and what makes you a special human being. From this, we will rank your qualities and determine which of your mental abilities stands apart as your greatest strength. So put down your Sudoku, close up that crossword and get ready to find out if your mental muscle is powerful or pathetic!

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