What Is the Zodiac Sign of Your Soul?

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About This Quiz

The year is split into 12 periods, each with its own zodiac sign. Each sign corresponds with one of the four elements: earth, air, water, and fire. For example, confidant Leos are fire signs, while hard-working Capricorns are the children of the element earth. However, nothing is set in stone and astrology is very complex. If you've ever felt that you don't really align with the traits of your birth sign, this might just be the quiz for you! 

As well as an element, each sign relates to a color, numbers, a planet, and all sorts of personality traits. For example, Aquarians are known for their creativity and interest in social justice causes. Scorpios are known for their intensity and interest in spiritual growth and exploration. Aries are known for their fiery nature and are ruled by the planet Mars, for example. It all can be a lot to keep track of, as every sign has so many connections and traits and possible meanings. It would take a truly detail-oriented Virgo to keep up with it all!  

If you are ready to take a deeper dive into the magic and mystery of astrology, see which zodiac sign truly fits your soul with this soul-searching astrological quiz! 

Which word describes you more?

How do you feel about arguments?

Which US city would you rather visit?

When it comes to sports, which would you rather do?

How does spending an afternoon in an art museum sound to you?

When on a trip, which of these would make you most comfortable?

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Do you think it's important to follow your dreams?

What is your opinion of marriage?

What kind of living space would you rather inhabit?

Which color do you like to wear the most?

How do you feel about reading books?

If someone texts you with bad grammar, does it bother you?

Can you separate sex and emotions?

How much of an over-thinker are you?

In a band, which member would you rather be?

Have you ever been in a physical fight?

Which mythological creature would you rather have as a pet?

Do you or did you enjoy going to school?

Which of these activities helps you relax the most?

At a flea market, which stands are you drawn to first?

Which global mega city attracts you more?

How would you be more likely to put out a candle?

Which rock anthem really gets you going?

Which film genre do you watch more of?

Which of these subjects did you enjoy most in school?

Do you like to travel?

Which of these is a bigger turnoff for you?

Which type of comedian do you prefer?

Which of these do you think is the most frivolous?

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