What Is the True Color of Your Soul?

Talin Vartanian

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A person's soul can represent many aspects of their personality, morals and ways of thinking. For instance, a person who has a dark-colored soul may have an unconventional way of thinking, as well as a pessimistic view of the world. On the other hand, a person who is more optimistic about life may have a more light-colored soul, but this can certainly vary depending on the person. In other words, your soul has a color to it, and we're on a mission to find out what it is!

Maybe your soul is more black and white, or perhaps it's a little more grey depending on your mood. Some souls also contain more vivid, dark or light pigments in them which shows how many layers they may have to their personality. Now you may be wondering, "How can you find out what color someone's soul is," and the best way we can determine this is by understanding how your mind works. After all, your soul and your mind are connected, and your answers to our 30 colorful questions will help us figure out who you really are as a person. If you're curious for more, it's time for you to find out what color your soul is right now!

Many people have committed at least one of the seven deadly sins, but which of these have you committed?

Whether you have a tattoo or not, which of the following would you want to get a tattoo of?

Do you think that fame and money is more of a curse or a blessing in disguise?

Where is the best place to acquire wisdom from?

Do you think that fine dining is actually a big waste of money?

Would you rather change your first, middle or last name for a new identity?

If success had a secret to it, what do you think it would be?

A smile can come from many different places. Where does it come from for you?

Do you become more like the Hulk when you're angry or are you more mysterious like a snake?

Let's say that you are able to suddenly talk to your shadow. What would you say to it?

How long could you keep your sanity without any technology around you?

If you could choose how you leave this world, would you be able to make that decision or would you leave it up to chance?

What does the concept of death look like to you?

Many different beverages are used to provide a quick energy boost. Which of these drinks helps to lift your spirits?

If you found a staircase that led to the heavens above, would you want to climb it?

Would it be more fun to pursue a career as a chef, an artist or a scientist?

An apple can symbolize many different things, but what does it symbolize for you?

Is your personality more like a really spicy pepper or a baked cinnamon roll?

If you could visit one of these Star Wars planets for fun, which would you choose?

What do you think of the following phrase: "Actions speak louder than words."?

Do you find yourself having more dreams or nightmares when you sleep?

Which one of the following would you add to the very top of your bucket list?

If an interviewer asked you about your biggest weaknesses, what would you say?

Do you believe that humans are more evil or more good-natured?

A long day of work calls for which of the following calming activities?

You have the opportunity to work with a director to make a movie about your life. Which director would you want to work with?

What is the best way to grab the attention of your crush?

What does a hug from a dear friend or family member feel like to you?

If your life ended tomorrow, would you have any regrets?

Let's say that your life is flowing like a river. How fast or slow do you think it's flowing?

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