What Is the One Thing That Makes Men Attracted to You?

By: Teresa
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About This Quiz

Believe it or not, it's not always your looks that men find attractive. Sure, some guys are purely attracted to looks at first. However, the vast majority of men are looking for more in-depth qualities than what can be found by looking at you. Most men are looking for someone with depth and sincerity! Looks are merely a bonus! 

What do you believe makes you most attractive to men? Do you think it's your sense of adventure or your ability to multitask? Whatever you think it may be, make sure you know exactly why men find you so alluring with this quiz. Knowing yourself through their eyes will help you to understand where a guy is coming from. The next time someone hits on you, you'll know exactly what brought them over to the table. You might even be able to use it to your advantage! 

Open your mind, your heart, and your life to us during the questions. The more truthful you are with your responses, the better we will be able to pinpoint your irresistible quality! You might think you know what it is, but further analysis is required. Grab a glass of wine, and start clicking! Your answer is mere minutes away!

What can you be found doing at an office party?

What do you think is your strongest personality trait?

Are you flirtatious?

Which part of your body do you think is most attractive?

Which word sums up your love life?

Which animal would you have been in a past life?

How would your friends describe your looks?

Which band do you like most?

Are you comfortable speaking in public?

What is your worst bad habit?

Pick a word that describes your confidence level:

What do you find most attractive in a man?

How old do you think your inner child might be?

Are you a good decision maker?

Would your friends say you are conceited?

Finish this sentence: The way to a man's heart is ______________.

If your partner asked, would you go camping?

Have you ever had a one-night stand?

Do you like old-fashioned romance?

Where would you like to go on an anniversary date?

Are you more left or right brained?

Which decade influences your style most?

Do you have motherly instincts?

What would you serve a man for breakfast in bed?

How would your coworkers describe your communication skills?

Do you like to cook?

Which television celebrity do you enjoy most?

What kind of car do you drive?

Are you physically fit?

Are you moody?

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