What Historic Duo Are You and Your Significant Other?

Cammy Pedroja

Image: Courtesy Ronald Reagan Library via Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

When you and your significant other get together it’s pure magic, right? Or maybe you fight like cats and dogs but are also loyal to the core. Maybe yours is a forbidden love or an obvious match made in heaven. At its best and its worst, love moves the wheels of history through the hearts and minds of its players. And the stories of some famous lovers stick with us, whether as inspiration or warning.

From ancient power couples like Antony and Cleopatra, all the way up to contemporary dynamic duos like Barack and Michelle, love is always relevant. And intentionally or not, you and your sweetie are now a part of that romantic tradition.

It’s possible to identify with history’s great love stories for a variety of reasons. Maybe we want to emulate the success of a much-loved famous duo, or perhaps we want to avoid the mistakes that drove some famous pairs of star-crossed lovers to their own ruin. Either way, identifying with the history of love’s major players can teach you a lot about your own relationship.

Every great love is unique, but you may find that you and your boo have a lot in common with some of the world’s other great lovers. Answer these 30 questions to find out you and your significant other’s historical couple doppelgangers.

How did you meet?

Is this a new or longterm relationship?

When you do fight, is one of you more likely than the other to apologize and make-up first?

What's your age difference?

How often do the two of you fight?

Have you ever broken up and gotten back together?

Do your fights ever get nasty?

What would you get your partner for their birthday?

Has either of you cheated before?

What about kids?

Are you married or considering it?

How's your, ahem, sex life?

In your case, do opposites attract or are you so alike that it's freaky?

What's your favorite trait about your partner?

Which date night sounds best to you two?

Are you equal partners, or does one of you tend to take the lead?

What other "couple friends" do you hang out with?

What hobbies do you share?

What do you hate about your partner?

Are the two of you into PDA?

Does your relationship follow typical gender roles?

What would your dream vacation together be?

What was the rockiest part of your relationship caused by?

Are either of your exes still in your lives?

What's your dream house together like?

What's your favorite way to spend a day off together?

Is one of you considered much better looking than the other?

What things are important to you as a couple?

What do you think keeps you two together?

Any regrets about your relationship?

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