What Haircut Should You Rock?

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Even in ancient and medieval times, hairstyles were used as a means of expressing style and personality. Generally, the more intricate and striking your hair, the more rich and important you were. (Looking at you, Dolly Parton!) As times have changed, hairstyles have grown into a fashion symbol that's almost exclusively used to reflect personality and style. When's the last time you looked at your bank account and thought, "Well, I guess I need a new hairstyle to reflect my financial status..."?

If you've never gone home after a breakup and laid in bed scrolling through "haircuts for short hair" while "Dirty Dancing" plays in the background... well, you're lying to yourself. From the bold pixie cuts of Mia Farrow, circa-2013-Emma-Watson, and Jennifer Lawrence, to Sinead O'Connor and every one of the Kardashian-Jenners' wigs, we're surrounded by haircut-inspo everywhere we turn. Regardless of whether you're a hair salon regular, or it's been years since you got anything but a trim, it's probably high-time you rethought your haircut. Right? You deserve a 'do that suits you perfectly. But what haircut could that possibly be? Should you shave it off and start from scratch? Cut bangs you'll instantly regret? Jump into this quiz to find out!

Which option most-closely describes your face shape?

What's your current relationship status?

Describe your go-to makeup routine.

When's the last time you had a haircut?

How do you take care of your hair?

How do you tend to wear your hair on the average weekday?

Which thing are you missing the most in your life now?

Your hairdresser calls to tell you she's looking for a model; she wants you to come in and let her give you the hairstyle of her choosing, free of charge. How do you reply?

What was your biggest hairstyle mistake ever?

You have to dye your hair. Which color do you go for?

What would your most-recent date say is your best physical feature?

You lose a bet and have to shave all your hair off. How are you styling your head until it grows back?

You're having a night out with your friends. What do you spend the most time on while getting ready?

Would you consider donating your hair to a wig-based charity?

On your walk to work, a freak rainstorm starts, drenching your hair and ruining your work curling it. What's your attitude like?

How do you tend to feel after a fresh haircut?

Someone makes a rude remark about your hairstyle. How do you react?

You have to permanently give up one hair item. Which do you choose?

You can swap hair with one celebrity. Whose 'do are you stealing?

What's your philosophy on wearing hats?

You have to skimp on one aspect of your morning routine. Which do you choose?

Which dog's coat are you most envious of?

A coworker says, "Oh my gosh, I love your hair. What's your secret?" How do you reply?

You notice your hair has started to look a little flat and... well, "meh." How do you fix the problem?

Under what circumstances do you typically get a haircut?

You have to take on one major hair change. Which do you choose?

Which style of shirt would you choose for an average weekend?

How do you part your hair most often?

You can only do your hair one way forever. Which style do you choose?

Thoughts on the bowl cut, à la 2018 Zendaya?

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