What Frank Sinatra Song Are You and Your Love?

Sameena Mughal

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Frank Sinatra is the godfather of all crooners. Before there was Michael Buble, there was Frank. He was the fearless leader of the Rat Pack. His style was second to none. Everything about him was king-sized. His voice and persona captivated everyone and anyone. Behind the blazing light of this star was artistry that was unmatched.

He was a storyteller who could reveal the emotions behind every lyric. His singing was thoughtful and composed. At the same time, he could bring jazz-like ease and fluidity to any song he sang. He reinvented the classics of Cole Porter and George Gershwin. His personal touch to classic songs made the audience feel like they were in on a special secret. His voice belted out some of the most iconic songs in the world, like "New York, New York." When he said he sang "My Way," truer words were never spoken.

He was always polished. His tailored and pressed suits with perfectly shined shoes were all his trademarks. The style combined with the talent equaled swagger. And no one had it like "The Chairman of the Board."

Take a stroll down memory lane. Take our quiz, and we'll tell you what classic Sinatra tune you and your love resemble! Have fun!

On movie night, which Frank Sinatra movie are you and your love watching?

As a couple, do you take chances or do you play it safe?

We all want to be a part of "New York, New York" but what city do you want to do on date night?

How do you spend Valentine's Day?

What's your reaction when your significant other does "Somethin' Stupid"?

The Sultan of Swoon wanted to fly to the moon. Where do you want to fly on a dream vacation?

What is something you do that your significant other gets a kick out of?

Are you night people or day people?

Which one of you likes to do things your way and which one will go with the flow?

Sinatra dressed to impress. How would you describe your couple style?

Who made the first move?

Ol' Blue Eyes loved a "Summer Wind." What season do you prefer?

Besides Frank, who is your favorite Rat Packer?

What movie musical describes your romance?

For which pop singer's concert are you in the front row?

With which celebrity couple would you do a movie heist?

What are you doing on a Saturday that makes it "Too Marvelous for Words"?

Sinatra sang about the blues. What music do you and your love listen to together?

The crooner may have dreamed but can you tell us what is your dream home?

On a rainy day, what are you and your significant other doing?

Who is the Frank Sinatra music partner you listen to most?

Is there a job you would like to do with your love?

Frank's daughter, Nancy, sang about boots that are made for walkin' but how do you prefer to travel?

Which Dean Martin song best describes your first date?

Sinatra loved "Something" by the Beatles. Which Beatles love song do you and your love prefer?

What was a very good year for you as a couple?

Where is your ideal resort getaway?

During which holiday do you make the most memories?

Do you believe any of these are good luck: four-leaf clover, rabbit's foot, or a penny?

Fictional or real: which classic movie couple are you?

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