Quiz: What Flowering Tree Best Reflects Your Soul?
What Flowering Tree Best Reflects Your Soul?
By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: dowell/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

There are lots of things that can reflect our souls. From gemstones to spirit animals, the way our inner world works can be measured in many different ways. During this quiz, learning about your personality and your soul will lead us to the flowering tree that best represents you. 

As you breeze through our questions, every one of your responses will tell us something about you. We will plant all the little details we gather, and we will pair you up with the flowering tree that best represents your heart, your mind, and your soul. All you need to do is answer honestly and make sure you do not misrepresent yourself. 

Once you know the flowering tree that reflects you the best, you can think of it as your very own tree of life. You might see yourself as more of a cherry tree blooming early in the spring, but you might be more like a peach tree swaying in the sun. No matter which tree reflects you best, we know that you will let your soul continue to grow until it produces flowers as majestic as you are every day. Which flowering tree will it be? Answer our questions, and find out!

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Which animal could be your spirit animal?

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How would you describe your heart?

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What kind of student were you?

9 of 30
Which tree do you find most beautiful?

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What does your wardrobe look like?

11 of 30
Which holiday makes you happiest?

14 of 30
Which word is most hopeful?

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What kind of tree nut do you like most?

16 of 30
Which flower is most beautiful to you?

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Which soul food side would you enjoy?

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Which of your physical features do you like most?

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Which reality show could you star on?

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Which part of your life is going the best?

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Which element are you most in touch with?

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Which gemstone catches your eye?

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