Quiz: What Fictional Feline Is Your Cat?
What Fictional Feline Is Your Cat?
By: Ian Fortey
Image: Cat in the Hat Productions; DePatie-Freleng Enterprises; CBS Productions; The Hub Network (now Discovery Family); The Mirisch Company

About This Quiz

In the world of pets, there's a Pepsi vs. Coke competition between cats and dogs. No one ever asks if you're a fish or a lizard person. They want to know if you're a dog person or a cat person. And cat people tend to know that they're superior in this little showdown. You need to walk your dog no matter what the weather is like. You need to carry bags to pick up its poop. You need to deal with that wet dog smell. No, cats are winning the battle between pets on pretty much every front.

If you needed yet more proof as to how superior cats are to dogs, you just need to look at the fictional world of cats we've created. There are some iconic fictional cats out there that are pretty much world renowned. Cats that everyone knows and loves. They're hilarious and heroic, mysterious and mercurial. Fictional cats are almost as good as the real thing! Almost. Your cat is probably better though, right? Or maybe your cat is pretty much on the same level as a certain fictional cat, so much so that they're basically the same adorable little furball! Care to know which cat your cat actually is? Take the quiz and see!

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