Quiz: What Fictional Canine Is Your Dog?
What Fictional Canine Is Your Dog?
By: Ian Fortey
Image: Hillary Kladke / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Dogs are called man's best friend for a very good reason. No matter what animal you can think of, whether it be a fish or a bird, a horse or even a cat, none of them comes close to being the same kind of companion as a dog. Sure, some dogs may be little goofballs who chase their tails and tip over the trash looking for snacks, but just look at the big picture. Look at the dogs that work as service animals, the ones that serve in the military and law enforcement. Look at dogs that protect humans from attackers, that save families from house fires, that even detect when you have a serious illness. Dogs are amazing!

Obviously, our stories are just as full of dogs as our lives are, and there have been some great fictional pups over the years. Sometimes it's easier to capture the spirit of a dog in fiction since real life dogs are often a little too spontaneous to chronicle all the time. With all those fictional dogs out there, there has to be at least one that's eerily similar to your own dog, don't you think? You must have noticed a few similarities now and then. Why not tell us a bit about your dog now, and we'll fetch you the fictional dog that matches up with your real-life best friend!

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