What Exotic Tattoo Should You Get Next?

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Tattoos: they fascinate us, whether we have one, or several, or none at all. Tattooing is an art form that is thousands of years old and isn't always a form of self-expression. For example, tattoos have been used by exclusive groups as a mark of belonging. Secret societies, elite military units, and criminal gangs have all used tattoos to signify who's in and who's not. Another purpose that tattoos served, in earlier centuries, was postmortem identification. Sailors often had tattoos, and their employers kept inventories of tattoos as a way to identify a sailor who died without identification - for example, by falling overboard.

Nowadays, tattoos are more commonly used to express one's personality and to reflect life experiences. Note the popularity of the "semicolon" tattoo in recent years. As a semicolon indicates that a sentence could have stopped, but is about to pick up and continue, so a semicolon tattoo reflects picking up and carrying on after some drastic event, such as a deep depression or suicidal ideation. 

With such deep feelings underlying these body modifications, it's no surprise that exotic religious or cultural symbols are popular choices for tattoos. Celtic, Egyptian, Buddhist, Christian, and Kabbalistic tattoos are all common (but never dull). If you're considering a tattoo, maybe you'd like something very abstract and yet very meaningful. Are you ready to find out which one suits you and your circumstances the most? Try our quiz now!

What do you like most for breakfast?

Are you close to the family you grew up in?

How are things at work?

What kind of exercise do you like to do?

Which of these are you most likely to order in a bar?

What's your pre-bedtime ritual?

What type of movie are you most likely to see?

How many children do you have, or want?

Are you happy with your appearance?

Are you satisfied with your circle of friends?

Which of these best describes your religious leanings?

Which of these living environments do you fit best in?

Do you have, or want, a pet?

Which of these is a favorite weekend activity?

Is it important to you to be monogamous?

How do you feel about your health?

Which of these sports are you most likely to play?

What's a good age to get married?

How sick do you have to be before you call in to say you're staying home?

Which of these fiction authors do you like best?

Would you consider going vegetarian or vegan?

How do you feel about taking work home with you, or doing it on weekends?

How do you deal with a boss who's unreasonable in their demands and expectations?

Which of these desserts appeals most to you?

If money were no object, what kind of home would you like?

If you didn't have your current job, which of these would you like to be?

How do you feel about gossip?

A great vacation has to include what?

Which of these mythical animals do you most resonate with?

Have you made plans for your eventual demise?

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