What Exercise Routine Should You Start?

Zoe Samuel

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We all know that we should exercise, but the motivation can be hard. The key is to find a form of exercise that you actually like. Remember: the most effective workout is the one you do.

Do you love the great outdoors?

Do you like to learn?

Do you like other people?

Are you a joiner?

Are you afraid of mockery?

What's your budget, money-wise?

What's your budget, time-wise?

Why do you want to exercise?

Do you believe everyone has a weight their body wants to be and that exercise doesn't really affect it?

Do you currently plan to lose any weight?

How's your relationship with your body?

Do you have any aggression to work out?

Are you afraid of failing?

Do you respond well to medals and other prizes?

Do you like to be alone with your thoughts?

Do you find jock culture completely repulsive?

Do you know how to assert boundaries?

If a genie could grant you one exercise-related skill, which of these would you magically want to be able to do?

Do you burn easily in the sun?

Do you mind forking out for some equipment?

Besides health and a better body (whatever that means to you), what do you want to get out of exercise?

What sort of person do you think does the sort of exercise that appeals to you?

Do you mind getting all sweaty?

Do you fear bulking up?

How are your joints holding up?

Are you in a safe area?

Do you love to be a good sportsman?

What exercise does your partner do?

What represents maximum bang for your exercise buck, to you?

What sort of clothing do you want to work out in?

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