Quiz: What % Evil Is Your Cat?
What % Evil Is Your Cat?
By: Ian Fortey
Image: gagilas photo/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Someone once said that dogs have owners while cats have staff, and that's a pretty decent glimpse of the overall attitude of cats around the world. Whether you have the friendliest kitty to ever frolic in a field or the surliest beast to ever hiss at a passing shadow, cats are very much known for having big, bold personalities. They need them to make up for their tiny bodies.

Inside every little cat beats the heart of a lion; they're just not sure how to express all those big feelings sometimes. And that means your precious little kitty might have to act out every now and then in ways that are less friendly and cuddly and more like what some might describe as straight-up evil.

Listen, we're not saying your cat is bad by any means. We're just saying maybe it's possible that your cat is a little more sinister than it needs to be. Maybe there's a hint of evil behind those whiskers. Maybe those purrs aren't happy rumbles but dastardly warnings of fearsome claws yet to come. But don't feel bad, it's not just your cat, it's all cats. Why not tell us a bit about your kitty and how they behave so we can determine just how evil that cat really is, though. Take the quiz and see!

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