What Element Represents Your Family's Love?

Tasha Moore

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Of the four major elements, fire, earth, wind and water, which one would you say represents your family's love? Now, hold that thought! Take this personality test to see if your personal assessment matches the one that we'll analyze for you based on a serious of probing questions. Give your honest responses to get the best feedback possible.

Is your family's love like a ball of hot fire? Do you anticipate disagreements no matter what? Or is the love of your kinfolk like the earth, logical and calm but a bit cold? You'll get lots of great advice from earthy, level-headed members of your familia, but maybe not too many hugs. Then there's the flighty, windy type of love. Yes, it's an unreliable love, but at least your low expectations will help protect your heart from being shattered into a million pieces like shards of glass. Good news, yeah? Last but not least, there's the watery, boo-hoo emotional type of family love. The tranquil water types are superb but don't catch these families mid-typhoon, or you'll get caught up in the worst way! 

Fire, earth, wind or water? Scroll on and see if we can get it right!

Is there a member of your family who must control the actions of other members?

Do family members tend to assume that love for one another will always remain?

Are there times when family members don't talk for long periods of time for no apparent reason?

Do family members resolve disputes when they happen or do you all let issues fester over time?

What is the nature of your family arguments?

What usually results from family arguments?

Does one unresolved issue tend to bleed into other issues?

Is your family still grappling with circumstances that erupted in past generations?

What issues threaten to remove the family's protectors?

Do family members fall into assumed roles or is the sharing of roles fluid?

Is the consensus that everyone feels better or worse after a major fight?

Do family members prefer to eat out?

At mealtime, do family members tend to converge at a common place or does each member grab a plate and find separate places to eat?

How does your family handle hard times?

Do other people look to your family as a shining example?

Do family members withhold secrets from one another?

Do family members take the time to ensure that the house is clean?

How diverse is your family?

What's the ratio of love gestures versus more practical activities that occur among family members?

Do you get the sense that when family members use the word "love" that they mean it?

If your family hangs around other families for too long, does your family tend to pick up the other families' habits, be they good or bad?

Would you describe your family's love as simple or complicated?

Can family routines get boring?

Is it easy for outsiders to upset your family dynamic?

What role does your family assume at large functions, like family reunions?

Do you think your family members could run a successful business to pass on to future generations?

Are there one or more strong personality types in your family?

Has your family kept detailed records of past generations?

What type of advice do family members offer one another?

Are there many "tall tales" and myths that your family shares during the holidays?

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