What Dominant Trait Do You Look for in a Significant Other?

Jody Mabry

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We all have those special physical attributes that just make us swoon. For example, so you love a dashing smile or are you more of a foot person? Do dimples give you goosebumps or do you just love playing with someone's earlobes? While we all love those interesting and unique features on a partner, the fact is that not all those features are dominant traits, but you may be surprised which ones are and which of those dominant traits you seek out in a significant partner. 

What you look for in a partner has a little to do with your own family, your lifestyle, and of course that twisted double helix we like to call DNA. So, are you attracted to dimples because everyone in your family has them? Or, are you attracted to dimples because they are unique to you? Did you even know that dimples are a dominant trait? We bet you didn't.

From dominant traits like brown eyes and dark hair to an immunity to poison ivy (yep, that's a dominant trait), we look at your life, desires, tastes, and personality to answer the question you've always been curious about, "Which dominant trait do I most desire in a partner?" So, sit back, flick your earlobe, bat your eyes, or play with your dimples and see where this quiz will take you!

What part of the world are your parents from?

Do you prefer blondes?

Do you like a little adventure in your outings?

Which hairstyle are you most attracted to?

Which color hair do you prefer in a significant other?

How well do you handle stress?

What is your typical cuisine choice?

Which do you think is the cutest?

Which personality turns you on?

Which color eyes would you like your children to have?

Which is the first physical feature you notice on someone's face?

Which unique trait do you just love?

How do you normally meet people future relationships?

Do you prefer someone who has unique or common physical traits?

Would you consider dating someone you met on public transportation?

Are you a foot person?

Do you want your significant other to be a good cook?

How do you prefer to cook your food?

Which athletic venture would you like to take on with your partner?

What kind of vehicle is sexy?

What is the first thing you do when you wake up next to someone you love?

Are you a dimple person?

Which do you find attractive?

What is the first impression you leave with people?

Who does a new partner have to impress to stick around?

Which river would you like to travel for vacation?

What are you allergic to?

How do you sleep?

Which dominant trait do you have?

Are you close with your family?

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