What Dog Breed Speaks to Your Soul?

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Dogs have been human companions for thousands of years. In fact, the warm and cuddly family dog can trace its ancestry way back to the standard wolf. No one is quite sure exactly how the evolution occurred, but at some point humans and wolves began a mutually beneficial relationship. This allowed wolves to have shelter and a steady source of food, while giving humans some much-needed help with hunting and guarding of their early settlements.

Realizing these animals would be a huge benefit to their lifestyle, humans continued breeding the friendliest wolves they could find until wolves eventually evolved into dogs. Dogs spread across all corners of the planet, from the cold tundras of Canada to the open plains of China.

Today, there are hundreds of different recognized dog breeds. Like people from different cultures, different breeds look and act in their own unique way. Some are more genetically predisposed to certain tasks, like fetching birds that a hunter has shot down, or tracking the scent of a lost child or escaped prisoner.

In fact, the bond between humans and dogs is so strong we observe some people who actually take on characteristics of their furry friends. If you've ever wondered which breed of dog has influenced the essence of your identity, we've got the answer. Just fill out the questions below and we'll tell you what kind of dog you would be if you had four legs, a tail, and a lot more fur. 

Most dogs are very comfortable outside. How much do you like spending time in nature?

Some dogs are better with strangers than others. How well do you handle meeting new people?

Speaking of meeting people, how large is your social circle?

For a dog, nothing is better than a tasty meal. Which of these foods would you most want to eat?

Which of these color jackets would you most want to wear?

You're hanging out at a social gathering: Are you most likely to mingle with new folks or stay by your friends?

Some dogs are more obedient than others. How much do you like following the rules?

About how many meals per day do you eat?

Do you tend to be more productive during the day or in the evening?

Some dog breeds are trained to help find lost people and things. How good are you at finding what you lose?

If you were going to workout outside, would you prefer to walk or run?

Are you currently married?

Which of these famous international cities would you most want to live in?

Some dogs watch TV as much as their human counterparts. Which of these shows is most appealing to you?

Many writers throughout history have had their souls influenced by dogs. Which of these authors is your favorite?

Which of these party games are you most likely to play?

Not all dogs have strong family units. How close are you to your parents?

Dogs have been main characters in many different movies throughout the years. Which dog movie is your favorite?

Which of these would be your dream career?

Every dog breed has its own distinct traits. How would friends describe you in one word?

We don't know for sure if dogs know about humor, but they can definitely make us laugh. How much of a sense of humor do you have?

It's hard to find any type of dog that doesn't like a nap. Are you into napping?

Which of these countries would you most want to visit?

Would you describe yourself as a risk-taker in most areas of life?

Different breeds have different athletic abilities. How high can you jump?

What's the quickest way for someone to win your heart?

Would you consider yourself to be more flexible or set in your ways?

How many people do you live with?

Dogs are found in all kinds of homes. What is your ideal type of house?

Which of these musical instruments would you most want to play?

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