Quiz: What Dog Breed Are You, Emotionally?
What Dog Breed Are You, Emotionally?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Photos by R A Kearton / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Dogs have been man's best friend for about ten thousand years. There are theories that dogs domesticated themselves, rather than the more common "human domesticates animal" scenario, but after dogs and humans started our journey together, one thing became sure: humans bred dogs for specific purposes. 

The single biggest difference between breeds is the way the dog's natural instincts express themselves. For example, herding dogs' instincts are similar to those of their wild cousins, but they stop short of the last task after herding an animal: ambushing and killing it. Thus, herding dogs can herd sheep, but won't kill them. Similarly, retrievers will locate and take possession of downed birds, but, at least in theory, won't eat them, bringing them back to the dog's master instead. Other classes of dogs, like guard dogs, dogs bred for fighting, or lapdogs, each require a specific emotional template in order to do their jobs well.

You're a human, dog's best friend, so how do you compare with this creature we've spent thousands of years with, side by side? Of the hundreds of breeds of dogs, which one reflects your emotional life? Which breed of dog shares your smile, and cries at the same things? With which dog do you share a deep bond? Take this quiz and find out.

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