What Does Your Taste in Trucks Say About Your Taste in Women?

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About This Quiz

When you're rolling down the road with the radio up and the windows down, what it is you love most about your truck? We know you love two things most in life - trucks and women! Answer our questions about your taste in trucks, and we'll correlate it to your taste in women.

As we cruise through this quiz, we'll want to know which truck features and extras really get your motor revving. We'll also want to know your thoughts on truck design and the accessories you choose to kit your truck out with. Once we get a good picture of your ideal vehicle in our minds, we'll compare the truck's traits with commonly found female traits. 

By the time we're done, we'll know if you like a little more junk in the trunk like a dual axel. We'll also know if a good gun rack is the first thing that catches your eye. Your love for trucks will make it easy to see what you find most appealing in a woman, and you'll get a whole new insight into a part of your brain. 

Let's go for a ride and figure out what your love for trucks says about your love for women! 

What do you think of gun racks?

Do you prefer a manual or an automatic transmission?

Do you prefer dual axel or single axel trucks?

Which manufacturer makes the best trucks?

Which of the following is most important in a truck?

Which kind of truck would you least like to own?

What do you think of running boards?

Would you add roll bars to a truck?

What's the minimum number of people a truck should seat?

Do you prefer the gear shift on the floor or on the column?

Which truck do you think is the best looking?

Do you like the look of step-side beds?

What custom modification would you want on a truck?

What do you think of the GMC Sierra?

Which classic truck is more your style?

Would you ever add a lift kit to a truck?

What would you use a truck for the most?

Do you prefer trucks with a square or a round front?

Where are you most likely to shop for trucks?

Do you like more technologically advanced trucks?

Have you ever owned a truck?

Are you more concerned with speed or safety?

What do you like most about driving a truck?

What sort of material should truck seats be covered in?

Would you ever buy a topper for your truck?

Do you like the rear window to open?

How many cylinders should a truck engine have?

Which SUV would you consider as an alternative to a truck?

Do you like lighted mirrors?

What would a truck's console need to have?

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