What Does Your Taste in Fast Food Say About Your Age?

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Fast food isn't considered all that sophisticated very often. It's usually looked at as being unhealthy and full of fat, salt, and sugar. It has a bad reputation if we're being honest. But man, is it good stuff! It's hard to deny just how delicious a super unhealthy meal from a fast food joint can be. No matter how old you are, tasty food is just tasty food. But does it say anything about us when we eat it? Are your burger proclivities pulling back the curtain on your true self? You better believe it!

Whether it's fried chicken or tacos or a big, juicy burger, the fast food you like says a lot about you. Your age, for instance. And not just how old you are, but how old you feel. Some food is definitely for a more mature palate while some definitely exist to appeal to those young 'uns out there. If you tell us what food makes your mouth water and what food makes you cringe in fear, we'll be able to piece together just how old you are. It's a skill we have. If you're not sure how it works, worry not! Grab yourself some fries and some nuggets and take the quiz!

If you were going to have any kind of fast food in the world, what would you be most likely to order?

Who makes the very best french fries you can buy?

Potatoes don't just have to be straight cut French fries, right? What's the best way to get a fast food potato?

How should a fast food burger be prepared if it's going to be worth eating?

There are probably a million toppings for a hamburger, but what one essential ingredient do you demand on yours?

If you're going to really fancy up a burger, what's something you'd love to add even if most restaurants don't have it?

What restaurant has mastered the fine art of fried chicken?

Sometimes everyone wants to go to a burger place but you're not down for a burger. What would you order from a burger joint that's not beef?

If you could only ever order hamburgers from one restaurant ever again, where would you go?

Which famous fast food place do you think is super overrated?

What kind of international cuisine do you think makes the best fast food?

Every fast food place is going to have something cheesy on the menu. What's the best cheese regardless of what you're eating?

Probably the most important fast food question anyone will ever ask you; is a hot dog a sandwich or not?

What's the best chicken sandwich you can get from a fast food place?

There are a lot of big, famous burgers out there. Which one is the best of the best?

French fries are the stereotypical side dish. What do you choose when you want to shake things up?

What was the greatest fast food spokesperson of all time?

If you're in the mood for something that's light and kind of healthy, where are you going to go?

When you need a dessert, who has the best fast food ice cream for your buck?

Sometimes simplicity is the best option. Which simple, iconic fast food item is the best?

Fast food joints are good at generating buzz with limited time offers. What's the best blink-and-you'll-miss-it menu offering?

You need to spice up your life every now and then. What's the best fast food Mexican place?

The sandwich is a perfect food item, isn't it? Who makes the ultimate sub sandwich?

Chicken is a bizarrely diverse food item in the fast food world. What non-natural form of chicken is the best?

What's the single greatest fast food item you can order for breakfast?

Do you know when you should order a pizza? All the time. What pizza place is best?

When you're in the market for some Asian cuisine in a hurry, what place are you going to hit up?

It's hard to enjoy fast food as a vegetarian, but not impossible. Which vegetarian option is the best one?

You can't really have fast food without a drink, but who does the best drinks in all of fast food?

You're heading out on a date with someone new. What's the best fast food place for a date?

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