What Does Your Motorcycle Say About You?

Mark Lichtenstein

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If you have a motorcycle, it says something about you right off the bat. You are probably a bit impulsive and a risk taker, you like to have fun, and you are somewhat of an outlaw, even if you keep that part of you inside. But believe it or not, what type of bike you ride means even more when it comes to your personality.

Are you the type of person who uses a motorcycle because it is easy to get around on, for short trips around town? Are you more of a touring bike type who likes to go on long rides, whether by yourself or with your buddies? Are you into performance bikes, the type of ride that shows that you not only have skill, but probably have some deep pockets as well? 

Or maybe you are the bad boy type, that would fit in great with the Harley Davidson riders on "Sons of Anarchy." I mean except for all the killing, of course - that part doesn't seem like much fun. 

No matter what type of bike you ride, you know it tells the world about who you are. Take this quiz so you can find that out for yourself.

How often do you service your bike?

How often do you wipe your bike down?

How often do you replace your bike's tires?

How often do you condition your seat?

How many times have you replaced the drive chain?

How often do you change the bulbs in your headlights?

How often do you do a full engine rebuild?

What kind of panniers do you have on your bike?

Have you chopped your bike?

If you were to chop your bike, what mod would you make?

How is your bike painted?

Do you have any stickers or decals on your bike?

Do you have any physical adornments on your bike?

How much of your bike is stock?

Are you proud of your bike being either stock or modified?

What is cool about the old Triumph Speed Triple 750CCs from the 1990s

What is cool about the old Honda Valkyrie?

What is cool about the Ducati Monster?

What is cool about the Harley Davidson Sportster?

What is cool about the BMW G 650 GS?

Would your bike look good in a camo paint scheme?

Would you take your bike on a hunting trip?

What's the first thing you'd do with your bike after a ride from LA to Las Vegas?

What's the first thing you'd do with your bike after a wintery ride from Boston to New York?

What would you do with your bike if you were going to make an entrance at The Hotel Fontainebleau in Miami?

What's your weekend bike maintenance routine?

What do people usually compliment your bike on?

How would your bike do at concours d'elegance?

What percentage of your bike's value does it currently have?

What was the bike buying experience like for you?

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