Quiz: What Does Your Dog Do When You're Not Home?
What Does Your Dog Do When You're Not Home?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: B.SCHMID/amanaimagesRF / Getty Images

About This Quiz

We all know that our dogs miss us when we go away - they make this abundantly clear when we come home. However, they can't just pine all day. After all, dogs are social animals, which is why we dog owners go to such lengths to make sure that they have what they need while we cannot be with them.

Of course, if you are a farmer, gardener, someone working with horses or otherwise an outdoor sort of person, it's likely your dog doesn't get a lot of time alone, because you're blessed to have a life that is set up for your pooch to accompany you most of the time. Likewise, if you're a freelancer or able to work from home sometimes, your dog enjoys your company often. This is pretty much as good as it gets for a dog. Still, sometimes you have to be away, and it's important to make sure your dog has stimulation and company in this time. A second dog is ideal, as is having a neighbor, housekeeper or dog-walker who comes by and ensures the dog gets companionship and exercise. A cat or another pet can also be a great option, and it's also vital to ensure your dog has water, plenty of space and toys.

Assuming they have all of these things, what do they do with them? It's time to delve into your dog's secret life, and find out!

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Where did your dog come from?

4 of 30
What kind of dog do you have?

5 of 30
Do you have any other pets?

6 of 30
Who walks the dog in the middle of the day?

7 of 30
What sort of neighborhood do you live in?

9 of 30
How smart do you think your dog is?

14 of 30
What is your dog afraid of?

15 of 30
If your dog could have a superpower, what superpower do you think they'd like?

17 of 30
How old is your dog?

20 of 30
How healthy do you think your dog is?

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If you tell your dog not to do something while you are out, what are the odds they will do it?

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Could your dog complete the Iditarod (a thousand-mile race across Alaska in the winter)?

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If you moved house, what would your dog request that your new house have?

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