What Do Your Piercings Reveal About Your Personality?

Talin Vartanian

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Piercings are a great way to add an interesting aspect to the exterior of one's body. Some people prefer traditional piercings on their ear lobes, while others are bold enough to get their belly button pierced. So whether you have one piercing, many piercings or no piercings at all, this quiz will tell us a little more about what your personality is like!

There are several methods of piercing a given body part, such as using a needle or a piercing gun. Most people would argue that a needle is the better tool to use, since it causes less trauma to the affected area. However, this method may also be a bit more painful, so choose wisely! Above all, it's important to do your research when it comes to piercings. Read up on reputable places beforehand, as well as proper cleaning techniques for a pierced area. If you're thinking about getting a new piercing in the future, it's also wise to consider how much money this may cost you. For most people, though, piercings are a great way to show off a unique aspect of themselves. So if you're ready to tell us what your thoughts are regarding piercings, it's time for you to take this piercing quiz now!

How many piercings do you currently have?

Do you have your ears pierced?

What types of earrings do you like the most?

Do you like earrings with gemstones on them?

If you could get pierced anywhere on your body, where would you choose?

Facial versus body piercings: Which do you prefer?

Your friend dares you to get a body piercing for $200. Do you accept this dare?

What style of ear piercing would you like to get?

How much money would you spend on a new piercing?

Is there such a thing as too many piercings?

Do you prefer gold or silver piercing jewelry?

Which of the following would inspire you to get another piercing?

Do you associate piercings with a serious personality?

Do you prefer handmade body jewelry or machine-made jewelry?

You can choose one of these cuts of diamonds for a pretty piece of body jewelry. Which do you choose?

How do you feel about ear gauges?

Which of these animals would look super cute as a pair of earrings?

Would you ever get a piercing against your parent's wishes?

Are you ever too old to get a new piercing?

Should people with piercings also get tattoos?

What's the point of getting a body piercing that nobody can see?

When you think of the word "piercing," which of the following comes to mind?

If you were a boss at a company, would you hire someone with facial piercings?

Pearls versus diamonds: What looks prettier on body jewelry?

Would you ever pierce your own ears?

What's the best way to take care of a new piercing?

Do you prefer piercing guns or needles?

If you were to get your lips pierced, which of these piercings would you choose?

Do you think that piercings say a lot about a person's soul?

What's stopping you from getting a new piercing?

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