What Do Your Handbag Preferences Reveal About Your Sense of Style?

Anna Papachristos

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The average woman can't simply walk into her favorite department store and purchase a handbag at random. Bags are incredibly special items. They can be a powerful expression of personal style. Beyond their potential to make fashion statements, handbags also allow women to carry basic necessities with flair and confidence. (After all, most fashion designers neglect to incorporate pockets when designing women's clothing, so we need to put our money and keys somewhere!)

Thus, a woman's handbag provides great insight into her sense of style and what she values most in terms of form and function. While some women are drawn to designer brands that double as status symbols, others seek practicality above all else. Many women opt for classic styles that withstand the test of time, while some allow their gut to guide them toward the trends of the future. No matter the scenario in question, a woman's handbag can convey aspects of her personality mere words cannot.

Of course, while most women own more than one handbag, as it's almost impossible to have one bag that's appropriate for every occasion, we all have that specific satchel or crossbody on which we can depend. But what does your go-to bag reveal about your overall personal style? This quiz will unveil the message your favorite handbag communicates. Not confident that we can determine your style in the next 30 questions? Well, we think it's in the bag!

What's the one item you must have in your bag at all times?

If money weren't an issue, which high-end handbag brand would you love to own?

How often do you match your handbag to your outfits?

Do you ever carry anything in addition to your handbag?

Would you prefer to use the same handbag for every occasion?

How many different handbags do you own at the moment?

What color do you want your go-to handbag to be?

Which handbag material do you prefer above all others?

If you were shopping for a patterned bag, which design would you choose?

Who's your favorite modern handbag designer?

How would you define the size of your ideal go-to handbag?

What handbag trend can you most see yourself trying?

How would you describe your current handbag's outward condition?

What does your current handbag look like on the inside?

When you clean out your purse, what's your primary objective?

What's the weirdest thing you've found at the bottom of your bag?

Which item requires its own special place so you won't lose it?

Do you regularly match your wallet to your handbag?

On which arm do you typically carry your purse?

What's the biggest item you might need to cram in your bag?

How do you feel about hands-free style handbags?

How much money would you spend on one handbag?

Would you describe yourself as "on trend" or fashion forward?

How much does sustainability factor into your fashion choices?

Have your ever matched your shoes and belt to your handbag?

Which celebrity's style do you admire most?

Where do you typically purchase handbags?

Do you even like the concept of carrying a handbag everywhere you go?

What fashionable movie has been the most influential to your personal style?

While you step away, would you trust the stranger sitting next to you at the coffee shop to keep an eye on your bag?

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