Quiz: What Do Your Facial Features Reveal About Your Personality?
What Do Your Facial Features Reveal About Your Personality?
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Did you know that certain aspects of our personalities are directly linked to our facial features? While having a big nose may not mean that you're nosy, having a tight forehead might just mean that you are prone to be stressed out. Describe all the features on your face to us, and we'll reveal what they say about you. 

How is it possible to know about you by learning about your facial features? Palm readers do their jobs by reading the line in your hands, and reflexologists can tell about your body by reading the tension points in your hands and feet. 

There's no reason to think that reading your facial features would be any different. Telling us about the way your eyes sit on the other side of your nose and how your lips decorate your chin will give us a pretty good idea about how you are in the world! 

From the tip of your nose to the last little eyebrow on the end, some of your personality is lurking on your face. Give us all the details about your mug, and we'll be able to tell you what we've learned about you! You might not be nosy, but we are!

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